The Collections

Crystal Candy offers a range of collections of products. Take look below for a brief explanation of each range.

The CakeArt Collections: Gold and Platinum

These are the signature collections of Crystal Candy.

Each mat is made from high quality, food-grade silicon.

Platinum mats are 35 cm x 8 cm. Gold mats are 35 cm x 12 cm



Signature Blend Icing

The very best icing for creating 2d or 3d icing strips on the international market

for creating edible icing strips to decorate cakes.

It is also the best value for money.

A pack of 100g icing powder will create 700g of icing emulsion which in turn will

create 30 - 35 strips of icing to decorate a cake/s.

 crystal lace signature blend packaging picture-100g


Unique Finish, Edible, Diamond Lustre Dusts

Crystal Candy has developed its very own unqiue finish EDIBLE lustre dust range.

The collection consists of 6 colours and 4 metallics.

The finsih is a level below glitter and a level above pearlescent.

A huge success at the latest international shows.




Edible Isomalt Diamonds 

Crystal Candy offers a collection of edible diamonds in 25 colours and three sizes.

The sizes are 6, 10 and 13 mm.

To prolong the life of these diamonds it is important to spray

with a confectioners glaze or olive oil.






CupCakeArt, DoilyArt, RibbonArt, MultiArt Collections

Each of these collections has been developed to offer cake decorators a range of different mat

sizes to fit every occassion.